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Frye Art Museum: Pierre Leguillon “Arbus Bonus”

Pierre Leguillon’s interest in the lesser-known dimensions of eminent artists’ practices has been a motivating force throughout his career. His artwork-as-exhibition Arbus Bonus encompasses 256 images made or inspired by famed photographer Diane Arbus (1923–1971), who...

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Frye Art Museum: Ellen Lesperance and Diane Simpson “Dress Codes”

Clothing is both a highly personal and socially constructed system of communication: a signifying point of contact between individual identities and collective attitudes, customs, and trends. Dress Codes brings together the work of two artists who perform acts of...

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The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts: “Soft and Wet”

EFA Project Space is pleased to present Soft and Wet, curated by Sadia Shirazi. The exhibition features works by Arooj Aftab, Beverly Buchanan, Crystal Z Campbell, Caroline Key, Ana Mendieta, Andy Robert, Julie Tolentino, Zarina, and Constantina Zavitsanos. The...

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Pulitzer Arts Foundation: Susan Philipsz “Seven Tears”

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1965, Turner Prize-winning artist Susan Philipsz is best known for her works that explore the potential of sound—often including her own, untrained voice—to define space and its interaction with architecture. Created in response to...

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Museo Amparo: “Afroamericanos”

Africamericanos is a transmedia project of research, exhibition, diffusion and visual production that aims to support and influence the construction of imaginaries associated with Afro-descendant communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the same way that it...

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Fondation Clément: Habdaphaï “Mondes/Territoires”

Like a sound poem extracted from an entire song by Nicolas Guillén, Habdaphaï's plastic work evokes sensations. Not just any sensation. The multitude of pictorial and graphic experiences, artifacts, ready-made, installations, videos, performances, choreographies,...

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Thoma Foundation: “Earth Algorithms: Landscapes of the Digital Age”

Earth Algorithms demonstrates how artists use new tools such as computational algorithms to engage the tradition of landscape art. Bringing together three artworks from South Korea, Japan, and Ethiopia, the exhibit is a case study of contemporary “natural resources”...

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Dia Art Foundation: “Sam Gilliam”

Dia Art Foundation presents an exhibition of Sam Gilliam’s early work from the 1960s and 1970s at Dia:Beacon in Beacon, New York. Installed alongside Dia’s permanent collection, this presentation situates practice in dialogue with that of his Minimal and Postminimal...

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Fondation Clément: Julie Bessard “La peinture en éclats”

Julie Bessard's work shows a powerful gesture, a kind of internally tested organic rhythm that is not figurative, but is a pure product of visual and emotional effect. Julie Bessard gives to oil pastels a materiality that transports the viewer into an abstraction...

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Transformer Station: “I Sing the Body”

I Sing the Body is a group photography show that is a response to the glorious variety of skin and body types that surround us. Works were chosen from the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Collection as well as a number of loans from museums, galleries, and exhibiting...

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Aperture Foundation : “2019 Aperture Summer Open: Delirious Cities”

The twenty-three artists selected for Aperture’s 2019 Summer Open exhibition, Delirious Cities, explore how photographs can define the diversity of urban experience today. The Summer Open is curated by Brendan Embser, managing editor, Aperture magazine; Matthew...

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Museo Amparo : Melanie Smith “Farsa y artificio”

‘Comedy depends on a rupture with the rational order, it dislocates perspectives and juxtaposes separate actions as if they belong to one another. The sensation disorients, creates patterns of random mosaics and disturbing layers. Nonsense has a power to deconstruct.’...

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The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation : “The Watchers”

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation is pleased to present The Watchers, an exhibition that focuses on the multi-faced nature of surveillance and privacy in contemporary society, and the subsequent production and obscuration of information and news. Artists in...

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Last written interview

Pyke Koch: A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

An interview with Andreas Koch, co-founder of the Pyke Koch Foundation Pyke Koch before “De Oogst” (The Harvest), 1953 This autumn the Centraal Museum is holding a large exhibition dedicated to the work of Pyke Koch, an important painter of the Magic (Neo) Realism....

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