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C/O Berlin Foundation: Linda McCartney “The Polaroid Diaries”

“She ́d always just be looking for everyday moments that interested her rather than manicured scenes. She wanted real moments.” – Mary McCartney A man stands in front of a modish red sports car. He wears absurdly large and bulky moon boots and a long black coat, his...

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C/O Berlin Foundation: Francesca Woodman “On Being an Angel”

A nude body dancing in front of a mirror; clothespins that pinch a woman’s flesh and skin. What could she be doing? Francesca Woodman’s photographs document performances in which the camera is the only audience. But they are also complex and formally balanced...

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C/O Berlin Foundation: Sophie Thun “Extension”

Gazing steadily into the camera, the artist holds up for view a photograph of herself in which she is depicted multiple times—in both positive and negative form—grasping a cable shutter release in her hand. In photographs and life-sized photograms printed on long...

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TBA21: “Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation”

The oceans are changing very fast, yet knowledge of them is moving slowly and is enveloped in long-established forms of cultural separation and distinction between human activities at land and at sea. This division needs to be rethought to address the urgent and vast...

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Hans Nefkens Foundation: Thao Nguyen Phan “Monsoon Melody”

Thao Nguyen Phan’s works draw from the rich and turbulent history of her native country, Vietnam. The exhibition at WIELS – her largest to date – includes three videos accompanied by watercolour paintings: Tropical Siesta (2017), Mute Grain (2019) and Becoming...

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Serralves Foundation: Lourdes Castro “Life As It Is”

This exhibition features works by Lourdes Castro (Funchal, 1930) from the 1960s. Resorting to different media – publications, drawing, embroidery, plexiglass –, and sometimes produced together with other artists, these works stress the importance of collaborations,...

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Serlachius Museums: Petri Eskelinen “Procedural Memory”

How do we interpret something as alive? Could the basis of discussion be movement? The works of Petri Eskelinen (b. 1975) are often thought experiments on topical issues that he has modelled into various kinds of devices. Eskelinen, who is known for his moving...

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Fondation Giacometti: “In Search of Lost Works”

"In Search of Lost Works" is an investigation into the traces of unpublished works by Alberto Giacometti. Missing? Not completely, because Alberto Giacometti left clues behind him, precious documented testimonies that allow us today to present, at the Giacometti...

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Bonniers Konsthall: “Éva Mag”

Bonniers Konsthall proudly presents the first major solo exhibition by the Swedish artist Éva Mag. Mag was born in 1979 in Transylvania, Romania and is one of her generation’s more acclaimed artists. Using the body as her primary tool, she creates works in materials...

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Wanås Konst: Kimsooja “Sowing Into Painting”

In the summer of 2020, the Wanås Foundation presents Sowing Into Painting, a solo exhibition with site-specific installations, film, sculpture and painting by internationally-acclaimed artist Kimsooja. The artist is creating a planting project for the sculpture park...

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Bonniers Konsthall: Éva Mag “There Is a Plan for This”

Bonniers Konsthall is proud to present There Is a Plan for This, Swedish artist Éva Mag’s most extensive exhibition to date. Mag examines issues of vulnerability and strength in asking how do you stand up straight in the world and, having stood up, how do you remain...

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