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Fundació Suñol: Alexia Medici “It Started with Water”

  This intangible exhibition invites you to explore and reflect on the history of various emblematic places in the neighborhoods of Sants and les Corts using the subjective perspective as a way of seeing. This invisible exhibition is experienced via mobile phones...

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation: “René Lalique and the Age of Glass”

In the Founder’s Collection, the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum has gathered almost two hundred works by René Lalique, including some of the most celebrated jewels created by this artist. This magnificent set has its origins in the 1890s when Calouste Gulbenkian and René...

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Luma Westbau in Zurich is pleased to present CASSANDRA PRESS: NEW PUBLICATIONS. This marks the first institutional exhibition documenting the work of the artist-run publishing and educational platform. Luma Westbau now opens to the public as a library showcasing...

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Fondation Thalie: “Spring”

Nathalie Guiot, President of Fondation Thalie, is delighted to present Spring, a new display of her collection in Brussels. Rebirth, buds and flowers, with this new display there is a desire to share the poetry and beauty of artwork that is usually shown in our homes....

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Serlachius Museums: Jani Leinonen “The Truth”

  Jani Leinonen’s exhibition at Serlachius Museum Gösta is a magical installation implemented using centuries-old stained-glass techniques. It is also a plunge into the long history of propaganda and manipulation – and the colourful present.Jani Leinonen is one...

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Serlachius Museums: Santeri Tuori “Posing Time”

Santeri Tuori (b. 1970) depicts trees and clouds, but is not content with merely observing the mysteries of nature. His video and photographic works are constructed like collages by combining colour and black and white shots. Tuori’s photographic works have been...

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Museum Beelden Aan Zee: ‘EIGEN + BEELD”

Drawn from their own museum’s collection, the development of modern twentieth-century sculpture is the main theme of Eigen+Beeld. To provide some form of synopsis this overview is staged in five acts, a thematic layout in a particular chronological order in which the...

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Julia Stoschek Collection: “A Fire in My Belly”

  A Fire in My Belly is a large collection exhibition, featuring over thirty artists from different generations and backgrounds, who in a variety of mediums and contexts examine the ways in which experiences of violence and loss are enacted, witnessed, and...

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Museum Barberini: “Rembrandt’s Orient”

Rembrandt’s Orient: West Meets East in Dutch Art of the 17th Century With 120 works including masterpieces by Rembrandt, Ferdinand Bol, Jan van der Heyden, Willem Kalf, Pieter Lastman, and Jan Lievens, the exhibition Rembrandt’s Orient (March 13 – June 27,...

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Sammlung Philara: Timm Ulrichs “PREGAME – ENDGAME”

Timm Ulrichs is an autodidact, a language fetishist, a reader and a humorous provocateur. In his genre-crossing conceptual realizations, he repeatedly makes himself and his human constitution available as material and postulates the compatibility of art and life....

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Kasteel Wijlre Estate: Oscar Lourens “GREY MATTERS”

From 11 March 2021 onwards, Kasteel Wijlre estate presents a solo exhibition of Oscar Lourens (1973). ‘GREY MATTERS’ shows Lourens’s fascination for collections which focus on scale, form, color, and space. Floor plans, cross-sections, models and data comprise an...

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Kasteel Wijlre Estate: “Spirit of Kindergarten”

Kindergarten is an avant-garde teaching method developed by the German educator Friedrich Wilhelm Fröbel (1782-1852). He founded a Kindergarten around 1840; a garden that was the ideal environment for children’s play. Fröbel’s teaching materials, some of which are...

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