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Fondation Giacometti: “In Search of Lost Works”

"In Search of Lost Works" is an investigation into the traces of unpublished works by Alberto Giacometti. Missing? Not completely, because Alberto Giacometti left clues behind him, precious documented testimonies that allow us today to present, at the Giacometti...

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Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson: Marie Bovo “Nocturnes”

« Night photography involves long exposure times, and one of the effects of a long exposure is that, along with light, time becomes part of the equation. » Marie Bovo It is often at dusk that Marie Bovo feels the urge to make time stand still. And not only because of...

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Han Nefkens Foundation: Hao Jingban “Opus One”

As 2019 recipient of the Han Nefkens Foundation – ARCOmadrid Video Art Production Award, artist Hao Jingban presents Opus One a dual-channel video installation at Matadero Madrid as part of their “Depth of Field” programme which focuses on the production, screening...

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Fondazione Marconi: Bruno di Bello “Caro Bruno”

"What attracts me is the free and sensual curve. The curve I meet in the mountains and in the rivers of my country, in the clouds of the sky, in the waves of the sea, in the body of the woman you love. The whole universe is made of curves. Einstein's curved universe."...

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Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson: Martine Franck “Face à Face”

« A portrait is always a renewed encounter. I am nervous just before a shooting, then, gradually, tongues start to loosen up. What I’m after is to capture the light in the eye, the movements and the receptiveness and concentration – just when the model remains silent....

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Museum Barberini: “Monet: Places”

For his landscape paintings, Claude Monet revisited the same places over and over again and completed extensive series of works from a single location. During his travels he created numerous paintings at the coast of Normandy, in Zaandam in the Netherlands or in...

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Fundación MAPFRE: Richard Learoyd

Richard Learoyd (Nelson, United Kingdom, 1966) is one of the most well-known contemporary photographers working today. His work, a dialogue with both painting and early photography, plants its roots firmly in the past in terms of subject matter and technique. The...

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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Olafur Eliasson “In real life”

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents Olafur Eliasson: In real life, a survey of the career of Olafur Eliasson (1967), one of today’s most prominent artists. Through around 30 works created between 1990 and 2020—including sculptures, photographs, paintings, and...

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