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mumok: “Forms Larger and Bolder: EVA HESSE DRAWINGS”

“Crazy like machine forms larger and bolder.” This is how Eva Hesse described a group of finished drawings in 1965 in a letter to her artist friend Sol LeWitt. The idea of “bold forms” can be applied to the artist’s entire oeuvre of drawings, to which mumok is...

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me Collectors Room Berlin: “Transverse Wave”

The exhibition Transverse Wave brings Mary Bauermeister and Rashid Al Khalifa together with the sound designer Simon Stockhausen, opening on 16 November 2019 in the me Collectors Room Berlin. “The difference between cultures, the difference between the arts, and the...

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Fondation Vincent van Gogh, Arles: “…et labora”

On 16 November 2019 the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles opens its new thematic exhibition titled …et labora. Around one hundred photographs dating from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, issuing from the spectacular collection of Ruth and Peter Herzog,...

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Städel Museum: “Great Realism & Great Abstraction”

“Great realism, great abstraction” – the Städel Museum’s holdings of twentieth-century German drawings, which comprises roughly 1,800 individual works within the Department of Prints and Drawings, oscillates between these two poles. A selection of roughly one hundred...

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Städel Museum: “Making Van Gogh”

The exhibition focuses on the creation of the “legend of Van Gogh” around 1900 as well as his significance to modern art in Germany. It unites more than 120 paintings and works on paper. At the heart of the exhibition are 50 key works by Vincent van Gogh from all...

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Wellcome Collection: “Play Well”

  Why do we play? How important is it for all of us, young or old? What does it mean to play well? We invite you to consider the impact of play in our lives. ‘Play Well’ explores how play transforms both childhood and society. Using displays of historic toys and...

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Museu Picasso: “Pablo Picasso, Paul Eluard A Sublime Friendship”

Paul Eluard was Picasso’s best friend from 1935 onwards. Following the disappearance of Apollinaire, Eluard was the only poet with who Picasso could converse and exchange or share ideas. Quickly, the surrealist poet became literally captivated by the demiurge-artist,...

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Museu Picasso: “Picasso Poet”

Thirty years after the exhibition Picasso poète, le crayon qui parle (Picasso Poet, the Talking Pencil), which was on display at the Musée national Picasso-Paris from 8 November 1989 to 29 January 1990, marking the publication of Picasso Écrits by Gallimard/Rmn, the...

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Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation: “Art on Display”

This exhibition takes the museography of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum as its starting point, marking its 50th anniversary. The Italian designer Franco Albini advised the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation on the most contemporary examples of good museum design. The...

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Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation: Hiroe Saeki “Cosmogenesis”

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation is delighted to host Hiroe Saeki’s first UK solo show. Hiroe Saeki’s work inhabits a liminal zone on the edges of the perceivable: monochromatic explorations of the subject of beauty in nature, delicate drawings with a weightless...

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De 11 Lijnen: “Portia Zvavahera – Gustav Klimt”

  Drawing comparisons with the oeuvre of Gustav Klimt, Portia Zvavahera’s recent work attests to a longing for spiritual transcendence and freedom from the ongoing cycle of human suffering. Physical expressions of love are a central theme in both their oeuvres,...

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Museum Beelden aan Zee: Adriaan Rees “The White Album / Witboek”

Sculptor Adriaan Rees (b. Amsterdam, 1957) splits his time between Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Jingdezhen, China. Rees’ portfolio includes a variety of materials and techniques. He has worked in ceramics, bronze, plaster, glass, textiles and stone, as well as...

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Nihon no hanga: Koizumi Kishio “Great Tokyo: One Hundred Views”

This November Nihon no hanga will be showing the entire series of One hundred pictures of Great Tokyo in the Shōwa era by Koizumi Kishio (1893-1945). Various prints from the series have played important roles in our past exhibitions, but only a number of the entire...

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Last written interview

Pyke Koch:  A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

Pyke Koch: A sphinx in the art of the 20th Century

An interview with Andreas Koch, co-founder of the Pyke Koch Foundation Pyke Koch before “De Oogst” (The Harvest), 1953 This autumn the Centraal Museum is holding a large exhibition dedicated to the work of Pyke Koch, an important painter of the Magic (Neo) Realism....

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