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Seven decades of artistic production: In mounting this retrospective, the MKM is paying tribute to the life’s work of Erwin Bechtold (born in 1925), who will be celebrating his 95th birthday during the course of the exhibition.

Dispensing with any strict chronology, and oriented on the artistic statements by the artist, this presentation showcases key milestones in the artist’s development: Early Informal works are juxtaposed with his constructive geometric paintings and paper works, which are all predicated on the principle of disruption. Characterising his more recent output are tension and disorientation, in which Bechtold combines the gestural and the graphic with rational, geometric elements.

Erwin Bechtold lives and works on the island of Ibiza.

Image: Erwin Bechtold, Incisión azul, 2004, courtesy Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn, © Erwin Bechtold

Museum Küppersmühle of Modern Art

Philosophenweg 55, 47051

Duisburg, Germany


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