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With Snake Eyes, the MDD present work of Charline von Heyl (° 1960, Mainz) for the first time in Belgium. The German artist who lives in America is known for its approach to innovative and radical paint abstract since the 1980s. This isn’t abstraction of reality that surrounds us, but rather images that take shape according to improvisation on the Web that are at the heart of his art. His work is mainly the result of intuition: a color, a movement, or a State of mind gives rise to powerful, balanced compositions which lend themselves to countless interpretations. The keys to his work? Contemplation and imagination.

The title of the exhibition is to start refers to the enigmatic tone paintings of Von Heyl. Snake Eyes behind the idea of another look. Free, fun, and subjective. The image of an animal, its work should be admired without words. In the pictorial world of Von Heyl, the meanings are never unequivocal, the titles are ambiguous and truths are not free. With his abstract painting, Von Heyl intends to transcend verbal language, give free rein to the imagination and, especially, welcome the emotions of the Viewer. His paintings attract the eye and need time to be analyzed, decrypted, and especially “absorbed”. They leave us frozen.

“With my paintings, I try to get a head start on the language. Or better: on the use of phrases. I just want the viewer goes beyond definitions, to a personal experience and that he let himself gain by its sensitivity. In front of my works, I want that his thoughts and feelings merge, he looks and think at the same time. “(Charline von Heyl)

Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Museumlaan 14, B-9831 Deurle | Belgium



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