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In 2018, the Biennial of Painting is at its sixth edition. The three regional museums of the Lys region are once more working together to exhibit paintings from the last 150 years. This time the Biennial will focus on the landscape, a genre with a longstanding tradition in history, and which is still today a hot topic for many contemporary artists in relation to, among other things, ecology, politics and globalization.

Art, modernity and the Lys region have been interconnected for more than a century and a half – from the 19th century landscape painters, the Flemish expressionists and the New Vision to contemporary creations. In MDD, landscapes of Constant Permeke and Valerius De Saedeleer, two artists from the museum’s own collection, will serve as a starting point to link the past to the present.

Besides painting, the landscape represented through the moving image will also be covered by means of a number of contemporary films selected by curator Cis Bierinckx. The 7 selected filmworks for the exhibition engage with the landscape both cinematographically and thematically from a personal perspective, and with much narrative freedom.

Participating Artists MDD
Etel Adnan
Anna-Eva Bergman
Huma Bhabha
Marie Cloquet
Jules De Balincourt
Valerius De Saedeleer
Adelheid De Witte
Karel Dierickx
Nicolas Party
Constant Permeke
Marina Rheingantz
Glen Rubsamen

& films curated by
Cis Bierinckx of

Doug Aitken
James Benning
Sebastián Díaz Morales
Lukas Marxt
Enrique Ramírez
Meggy Rustamova
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
In collaboration with the Mudel and the Roger Raveelmuseum

During this exhibition and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the MDD, the immense window sculpture Fenster by Isa Genzken will embellish the garden of the museum.

Museum Dhont-Dhaenens, Museumlaan 14
B-9831 Deurle | Belgium



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