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In 2019, Lisa was awarded the Pro Invest grant from Stroom Den Haag and won the Charlotte van Pallandt Prize and the 2019 Stokroos Sculptuur Stipend for young artists. Forming Fluidity in het Kabinet at Beelden aan Zee is part of the Charlotte van Pallandt Prize and is Lisa Sebestikova’s first site-specific museum installation. All of the elements she has been working with in the last few years come together here to form a fascinating new whole.

Lisa Sebestikova (1988, Enschede) grew up near Prague in an artistic family, the daughter of a Dutch graphic designer and a Czech painter. Not surprisingly, she chose to attend the Secondary School for Arts and Crafts in Prague when she reached high-school age. Here Sebestikova received classical instruction, specialising in graphic arts. After graduating, she decided to move to the Netherlands in 2008 where she was admitted to art academyAKI / ArtEZ,Academy of Art and Designin Enschede. Sebestikova started doing three-dimensional work at AKI in Enschede. The alienating quest for the mundane in sculpture started with her work Chair 1, a mangled old chair – only just recognisable as a chair but impossible still to be used as such.

This installation brings together completely, for the first time, the alienation of objects that have become sculpture and the intervention in space. Every piece of sculpture is derived from an object on the beach at Scheveningen. To her, the objects themselves are not what matters; it is their exterior form. She captures these commonplace things on camera. Then she makes images omitting the details, seeking to find a certain anonymity. Only a shadow is left of the original image. This process results in abstract sculptures, floating in space, that carry within them the suggestion of the beach.

The Stokroos Foundation:

The Stokroos Foundation, which works in collaboration with a number of Dutch museums, attaches great importance to a high quality of craftsmanship and depth of concept. Every year the Foundation and museum Beelden aan Zee unite to form a jury that selects an emerging artist who works in three dimensions and who has recently completed their studies at the academy.

Museum Beelden aan Zee

Harteveltstraat 1

2586 The Hague

The Netherlands


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