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Minerva Cuevas, Petro 1-8, 2022. Cortesía de la artista.


Museo Jumex: Minerva Cuevas, “Game Over”

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Dates: 26 November 2022 – 26 February 2023

Curator: Marielsa Castro Vizcarra

Museo Jumex Gallery 1 presents Game Over, a participatory scenography around the concepts of play, ecology, and urban development. In this installation, Minerva Cuevas (Mexico City, 1975) generates references to playgrounds and contemporary landscapes that mirrors social process of the past century.

In 2016 Cuevas founded the IUF (International Understanding Foundation) as an aesthetic exercise open to the socialization of creative practice. On this occasion, the structure of the foundation is used to invite the public and other artists to build objects and structures within the gallery throughout the exhibition.

In parallel in the Museo Jumex project space, Cuevas presents a body of existing works done in recent years and that are part of the same research, including the video No Room to Play (2019), recorded in Berlin.

The video makes us travel between the past and the future departing from a tour of playgrounds in post-war Germany and to the future from an apocalyptic narrative.

A key component in the work of Minerva Cuevas is the research process to approach geopolitics and ecology; and to make aesthetic translations through appropriation, humor, and public interventions.


Fundación Museo Jumex


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