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Africamericanos is a transmedia project of research, exhibition, diffusion and visual production that aims to support and influence the construction of imaginaries associated with Afro-descendant communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the same way that it shows how their drive crosses the continent from north to south, focusing attention on specific narratives and their protagonists.

Historically, there have been processes of “invisibilization,” bleaching, concealment and deconstruction of the image of Afro-descendants in almost all Latin American countries, so it is essential to unveil and reconstruct the visual map of the African diaspora in this region and reflect on the stereotypes that weigh on this culture.

Africamericanos offers a visual tour that gathers historical images from important photographic archives and contemporary productions of renowned artists living in Latin America, as well as a selection of projects thought and commissioned with intention.

We have not tried to delimit or limit any approach, on the contrary, we intend to reflect and question those truths about the afrodescendence that have been assumed until today. With this, we seek to contribute to the processes of recognition and visibility of the different communities that build our society.

Museo Amparo

2 Sur 708, Centro Histórico

Puebla City, México 72000


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