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Hema Upadhyay, Mute Migration, 2008 © Musée de Grenoble

While The Red House closed at the end of 2018, the museum of Grenoble offers an exhibition of the personal collection of its founder Antoine de Galbert.

It was in Grenoble where he was born that his passion for art was born when he became a gallerist, an activity he quickly abandoned to devote himself to the constitution of his collection. Brought together over the last 30 years, the latter appears today as one of the most unique French private collections. She is a self-portrait of her author, for whom the field of art is above all that of unparalleled freedom. If the exhibitions made in Grenoble – Les Coiffes at the musée dauphinois, in Lyon – So-be-il and in Paris – The wall had discovered part of the latter, Souvenirs de voyage, by the magnitude of its journey, will reveal that a collection more than an activity or a set of chosen artists is above all the reflection of a personality, a look at the world, a philosophy, a sensitivity but also an existential quest. Ironically, Antoine de Galbert likes to say that his “collection is a tabagie”. Souvenirs de voyage highlights in any case the originality of the latter, which, like its author, prefers the exploration of unknown territories to the most famous artistic personalities of the art world.

A true interior journey, Souvenirs de voyage recounts in 17 rooms the elective affinities of the collector, his passion for contemporary art, his taste for margins, art brut and ethnography. Paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, primitive art, religious and popular objects will unfold in a scenography of the intimate, where great figures of modern art like Schwitters, Ben, Boltanski, Laib, Fontana will meet with younger generations (Cathryn Boch, Mathieu Briand, Steven Cohen, Duprat, Gronon, John Isaacs, Edward Lipski, Mari Katayama, Stephane Thidet etc.) while working alongside artists out of the field (ACM, Aloise, Lesage, Van Genk).

From the activity of the collector to the imaginary of cities, from Anglo-Saxon or Belgian artistic scenes to Africa, from madness to “body in pieces”, from zen to ecology, through a reverie on the cosmos and Le Dernier voyage, Antoine de Galbert’s collection, “soft and luxurious therapy”, as he says himself, highlights his taste for decompartmentalization while reflecting his deepest obsessions. A reverse of a sometimes austere and sanitized vision of contemporary art, this collection does not hesitate to dialogue between conceptual art and popular cultures, the supporters of art brut and emerging artists. Seeking to overcome the theories that encroach and the boredom of a history of art traced, abolishing boundaries and privileging the mixing of genres, Antoine de Galbert likes to make his way off the marked trails considering, that the time in which we live more than ever needs magic, mystery, simplicity and universality.


Musée de Grenoble
5, place Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble / France



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