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The Montresso* Art Foundation presents the collective exhibition XXL #3, an annual artistic event based on the topic of monumentality. For its third edition, it reveals the surprising worlds of Mohamed Said Chair, Poes and Skunkdog.

Born from a desire to confront artists with the exercise of the oversize, XXL thus offers, beyond a purely formal form of experimentation, the freedom to make each of their writings exist in all their expansive potential.

It is an ultimate dialogue that Mohamed Said Chair, Poes and Skunkdog break down in turns the boundaries of creation. In this way, by transcending the contours of their practices, they succeed in disrupting both space and time. By proudly embracing their time, these three generations of artists thus achieve to match their visions to their aspirations. It is through an experience that is both inescapable and immersive that the artist of this selection propose to reveal to us an intergenerational perspective, focused on our world.

Montresso Art Foundation

Marrakesh, Morocco




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