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The Montresso* Art Foundation and Cédrix Crespel presents the « Ligne Bleue » project from October 19 to November 26, 2019 at the artistic residency Jardin Rouge in Marrakech.

The artist pursues the ambition to create and capture the conception of a « third entity » on the spiritual union he shares with his wife. Born of his commitment to his muse, Tiphaine Crespel, the artist will present his work in a voluntarily reduced palette of colours, composed of ultramarine blue, black and white.

« Never rest on your laurels. Never. It is imperative to sweep certainties  along in order to build other horizons, or simply to open up to new perspectives. There is little art in conformity. Every artist has a taste for the unexpected. Tiphaine and I found this out. Our last surprise will be called « Ligne Bleue ». It is about continuing the path we have initiated without falling into redundancy.

It is a change of dogma. « Ligne bleue » is therefore this: a new postulate, a new line, a blue line. » Cédrix Crespel

Montresso Art Foundation

Jardin Rouge

Marrakesh, Morocco


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