The Montresso Art Foundation : Artist Residency


Apply for the session “March – July 2019” : until January 31, 2019

Since 2007, The montresso * foundation has devoted itself to the creation and development of an artists’ village in the Marrakech region: Red Garden (Jardin Rouge)

This place of reflection and creation welcomes artists in residence throughout the year; it aims to promote dialogue between artistic cultures. Jardin Rouge allows not recognized and young artists to set up personal projects as part of a residence at Jardin Rouge.

In cooperation with the artist, the foundation validates the artistic project and provides the technical material and financial resources for residents to achieve them. Jardin Rouge is a creative laboratory where the main objectives are to allow artists to develop new ideas and to under tender development … The artistic research and the quality are for the foundation undisputable elements for any project.

As a hybrid artists ‘residency, Jardin Rouge wants to go through the creation place in being a place of promotion and meetings. Jardin Rouge is opened to experts, amateurs, collectors and journalists, by appointment. A part of pieces produced at Jardin Rouge by the artists could be proposed to the acquisition of collectors with the agreement of the artist.

Occasionally, events are organized to Jardin Rouge that will offer artists the possibility to benefit from a visibility in Morocco and abroad.

The residence:
The residence is opened to painters, sculptors, photographers, from Moroccan nationality or foreign. The resident is invited to continue his personal research, in resonance with the context.

Objectives of the residence:

Support contemporary creativity by offering technical and financial conditions for an artist that could conduct a personal quality research. Foster a meeting with the public through an art project and mediation actions. Constitute forward from works produced, a representative background of contemporary creation.


The residency period is planned for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 3 months. The artist will be welcome to come back to continue his project or begin others with the agreement of the artistic board.

Legal framework:

A residence contract between montresso* foundation and the artist will be signed before the start of the stay.


Jardin Rouge offers the artist work space and accommodation, favorable work conditions to develop an artistic research and find an original creation. The artist has the private usage of one of the room. He will share the workspace on an agreed basis with the foundation.

The accommodation, the costs related to the stay (food, electricity, water, internet) are supported by the Montresso* foundation. Transport costs between home of the artist and the foundation are also supported by the foundation.
The Foundation shall finance the production of the work of the artist on the site of Jardin Rouge.


For all the demand, please download the application form and send us all the documents by cloud or dropbox at Please only send it to this particular email, application sending on others emails will not be accepted.

Download the Application Form


  • Portfolio of significantworks over the last2/3

(this document is important, you have to present your work from the past 3-4 years, 4-5 works by year are sufficient, this document has to be a pdf file, please do not just send a wetransfer with several photographs)

  • Biography
  • CV with solo and group show clearly mentioned.
  • Text about the project you want to create at Jardin Rouge with the description of the technics and the artistic purpose.
  • Sketches, drawingsfor helping theunderstanding of yourart project.
  • Letter of intention about the reason you choose Jardin Rouge.
  • The application form with answers to the questionnaire.

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