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Mari Bastashevski

This international award that has reached this year its fifth edition, taking over from the GD4PhotoArt competition. The initiative aims to give voice to research in photography by new generations of artists, enriching the MAST Foundation’s cultural offer with young people’s insights on the worlds of industry, technology, territory, and labour.

This exhibition presents the projects of the finalists and marks the 2018 competition’s finale. Mari BastashevskiSara CwynarSohei Nishino and Cristóbal Olivares shed light on four geographic and human realities that reflect the very rapid transformations taking place in economy and production and the environmental, social, and ethical impact of these changes on all of our lives. We see again and again how little we know about invention, development, production, marketing, and sales of products, how little the images from these fields are diffused.

The strides of technological research and financial economy have turned our world into an abstract. The visualisations of this world become ever more important and central. Only by means of images are we capable of following the paths, the radicalisations in digitisation, the opening up of new spheres, new knowledge, new materials, new financial models. For comprehension of the world is the be-all and end-all of a mature citizen in a free democratic world.


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