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Starting from the Self, installation view. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Starting from the Self
Lilian Domec, Hackney Flashers, Helga Henschen, Lubaina Himid, Pia Sandström and Billie Zangewa

Starting from the Self is a group exhibition exploring practices that begin from personal experiences and histories in order to understand how society is structured and organizes us. Each of the works in the exhibition raise discussion on boundaries based on gender, race and class and how these play into questions of private and public space. The city can be seen as a place where these often invisible boundaries are intensified, yet they are also sites of continuous change and activity, an activity that disregards and persistently erodes these unwritten rules. The works in Starting from the Self offer proposals, a way forward in order to provoke debate, change and transgress these preset divides.

Research Residency: Revolution Poetry
Revolution Poetry is a Stockholm based cultural movement and spoken word platform. Since the end of 2009 they have been creating a new stage for Spoken Word, that gives space to voices of people of colour and shares and draws inspiration from experiences of living in Stockholm’s suburbs. During their research residency at Marabouparken they will develop a new strand of working called Revolution Art offering an avenue for artists and performers to develop cross-disciplinary work that does not need to be fixed to the live event. A series of workshops and events will happen in the Summer. Please visit our website for details.

Acts of Self Ruin
Starting from the Self and Marabouparken’s Research Residency are part of Acts of Self Ruina two year research program at Marabouparken, exploring the struggle for collectivity and equality in an age of individualism. Through a range of activities including exhibitions, residencies and a public program, we will explore acts in which communities and individuals have put themselves at personal risk, or social ruin in the pursuit of other ways of living, or in pursuit of equality and solidarity.


Marabouparken Konsthall
Löfströmsvägen 8
SE-172 66 Sundbyberg  | Sweden




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