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Marabouparken konsthall is pleased to present the collaboration with Stockholm University of the Arts and choreographer and doctoral student Marie Fahlin, the exhibition Centauring.

Marie Fahlin’s exhibition at Marabouparken Art Gallery is part of her artistic research project Moving through Choreography – Curating Choreography as an Artistic Practice, which is based on the concept of “centauring.” The concept can be understood as a temporary union of two bodies, practices, objects or fields of knowledge in the creation of a third – to us unknown – being, phenomenon, situation, becoming or being; a centaur. The project has been based on questions about how curation and choreography can be understood as a common artistic practice, how these “centaurs” and how this practice operates in relation to the theme of dressage.

The relationship between horses and humans in dressage (equestrian art) is based on choreographic practices and includes affective situations such as intimacy, dominance, fear, flow and obedience. In the project, Marie Fahlin has worked with objects, language and choreography from the dressage and equestrian world and has together with performers explored how these can be activated in performative events in relation to an audience.

The exhibition consists of an installation that covers the entire exhibition space and which i.a. includes a filmed documentation of the performance work ONE – I leave the skin dead and dry shining light behind me, objects and text works. Centauring follows up Marie Fahlin’s project Manege, which Marabouparken presented in November 2019.

As an integral part of the exhibition, a program will take place in which artists, choreographers, dancers and dressage specialists will activate the installation in different ways. See program below. Updated information about the program can be found on the website.

Please note that in the current circumstances, only a limited number of people may, according to regulations, stay at the premises at the same time to reduce the risk of congestion. Marabouparken konsthall follows the development of covid-19 and is prepared to quickly take measures and changes in opening hours and operations if the situation so requires.

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