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Portrait of Hilding Linnquist

The Hilding Linnqvist Art Foundation has its art collection deposited at Marabouparken. The exhibition Hilding Linnqvist Archive shown in 2011, included many pieces from the collection as well as borrowed works from private and institutional collections. Today we make minor exhibitions describing Hilding Linnqvist’s life as an artist through different periods and themes.

Hilding Linnqvist (1891-1984) was a key figure in Swedish naivism in the 1910s. Along with Axel Nilsson and others, he left the Swedish Art Academy in 1912 in protest against what they considered to be old-fashioned teaching methods. Linnqvists free way of painting was inspired by the work of Ernst Josephson. Another source of inspiration was the writing of Carl Jonas Love Almqvist, and his view that style should be subordinated to and grow out of the subject matter. Hilding Linnqvist himself became an inspiration to several generations of Swedish painters. Sven X: et is said to have exclaimed: “Are you ALLOWED to paint like that?”

Linnqvist has a connection to Marabouparken because of the many pieces that Marabou and its owner Henning Throne Holst commissioned, including the fresco Comedy and Idyll that adorned the wall of Marabou’s large dining hall.

Hilding Linnquist, Autumn


Marabouparken, Löfströmsvägen 8,

Sundbyberg | Sweden



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