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Welcome to Sharing Knowledges, where Rudy Loewe explores themes of organising within our communities through drawing and painting. How do we build a sense of collectivity and how do we form strategies for working together? Rudy is an artist and organiser from London who utilises these experiences and knowledges as a resource to start conversations in the gallery space. In the development of Sharing Knowledges Rudy Loewe has spent time at Sundbyberg’s City Archive, held meetings and interviews with local residents, and run drawing workshops as a way to share stories about community.

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist working with drawing, painting and printmaking. They are a storyteller, using various forms of image making as a way of exploring complex social dynamics and histories. Through their work, Rudy questions what kinds of art can exist inside and outside of the white cube, and who gains access to these spaces.

Their practice often involves working with archival material and with other practitioners such as historians and archivists. The pedagogical side of Rudy’s practice has been inspired by theorists such as bell hooks and Paulo Friere and their ideas around community and learning.

Sharing Knowledges by Rudy Loewe is the first exhibition that is part of Marabouparken’s Open Call – an annual open call for an exhibition in Marabouparken’s BOX. Sharing Knowledges was selected by Marabouparken’s Advisory Group, Elof Hellström, Shahram Khosravi, Marie-Louise Richards and Selam Tadele. A new application for Open Call will be launched during Rudy Loewe’s exhibition this Autumn, to find out more, check our website www.marabouparken.se/opencall.


Marabouparken, Löfströmsvägen 8, Sundbyberg | Sweden


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