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An extensive solo exhibition by Swedish artist Gunnel Wåhlstrand (b. 1974) shows extraordinary large-scale ink wash paintings featuring monumental landscapes, compelling portraits and serene interiors with intriguing compositions.

The point of departure for Wåhlstrand’s work was a box of family photographs—the only connection that she had to her father while growing up. To fill the silence surrounding his life and disappearance, she began to use these photographs: enlarging the image, delving into every detail and using her imagination to complete any information that is lacking or obscured. The large scale bestows upon both artist and viewer a heightened sense of presence—almost as if one could step into the image.

Each work takes months to complete, as the ink washes are applied in successive layers, gradually filling the white paper through a process that the artist likens to a slowly developing photograph. Embodied with an inherent level of suspense, Gunnel Wåhlstrand’s work transcends time as ordinary family snapshots are transformed into something more universal.


Curators: Bronwyn Griffith, David Neuman



Frihamnsgatan 28
SE-115 56
Stockholm | Sweden


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