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Lyon Housemuseum Galleries presents a cinematic multi-channel installation of A Drone Opera by multi-disciplinary artist Matthew Sleeth. Exploring a narrative of desire, fear and destruction, the immersive film explores our dangerous love affair with new technologies, and is loosely based on the myth of Icarus. Featuring opera singers, choreographed drones and a laser set design, this uniquely seductive work is a poetic reflection of our contemporary anxieties surrounding surveillance.

Two 66-panel LED screens are harnessed in a dramatic and sculptural evocation of this multi-channel installation. Occupying the entire central gallery of the Lyon Housemuseum Galleries – measuring 26m x 13m – the film offers a multi-sensory experience at monumental scale.

A Drone Opera will be on show for a limited time only – two weeks – this March. The installation will be accompanied by a diverse series of programs and events.

Lyon HouseMuseum Galleries

217 Cotham Road

Kew VIC 3101

Melbourne, Australia


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