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who – is that?

Is she a trans-dog?


She is – actually – a – formidable – lecturer, – feminist – and – dominatrix – that – is influencing young minds-to think-about-Truly frightening-patriarchal oppression

she-believes -misguided-horny men with degenerate preferences-are-highly disturbed-insufferable-Mental-and Truly nuts

How does a creature like that get anywhere in life? – Eurgh- what an – utter waste of space- …..keep your distance

She is- teaching- socialist- supremacist ideals,

”subs-wearing- A- dog collar- give- her- gifts”

You can just tell that she’s- A- good-individual

We are delighted to announce the first institutional exhibition of Reba Maybury at schwarzescafé | Luma Westbau curated by Fredi Fischli and Niels Olsen. Maybury’s work consists of none of her own physical labour. Instead she tests the unjust power dynamics of the dominant and her socially more prolific male submissives, then she thrives for real power redistribution. Fetish bends reality, but often this is only a temporary scism of individualistic pleasure outside the office dwellers working hours. A  sordid secret of their masculine compliance. Consent is apparently very important. As is privacy.  The work consists of offerings, completed tasks, applications, objects of barren devotion, immature paintings, collages, poems and readings. This show is about what flaccid power looks like when its aspiring for a sentimental concept of the ‘alternative’.

The pornofication of discipline, punishment, power and order are tragic amidst to the reality of the disparity between the female dominant and her male submissive. Underwhelming at best, Maybury makes them work for her so she is left with more than a fleeting financial exchange. The power re-dispersal has to transcend their understanding of Her value and their pleasure. The sensationalism of Sadomasochism is squashed when watching these men’s piteous exertions. You are invited to join in on the humiliation.

Reba Maybury is a writer, artist, lecturer and political dominatrix. In 2015 she founded Wet Satin Press a publishing company exploring eccentric corporate male sexuality. ‘Dining with Humpty Dumpty’ is her first novella and was released in 2017. She lives in London, teaches a program in subversive thinking at Central Saint Martins and was born in 1990. Her radio show ‘Mistress Rebecca’s World’ is regularly broadcast on NTS. Arcadia Missa represents her and she has exhibited and read at Karma International, Los Angeles, Bridget Donahue, New York, Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York, Schloss, Oslo, Balice Hertling, Paris, and has work in upcoming shows at the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, White Columns, New York, and P.P.O.W, New York.

Luma Westbau


Limmatstrasse 270

8005 Zurich



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