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On the occasion of the opening of Luma’s creative campus in the Parc des Ateliers, Arles (France) in June 2021, this exhibition presents the Foundation’s history and work over the last 20 years. It demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the Luma Foundation to the work of contemporary artists, collaborations with institutions and key perennial events internationally. With its headquarters in Switzerland, but with a global view perspective, Luma Foundation has spearheaded and supported numerous forward-thinking, visionary projects and new productions, which is at the core of the Foundation’s mission.

Taking the Parc des Ateliers as the Foundation’s largest scale project, a timeline of images and texts reveals the numerous other projects LUMA produced during the same period of construction in the park. Architectural milestones of the development of the project in Arles are represented in this gallery through a selection of models by Gehry Partners, demonstrating the behind-the-scenes work that has taken place, and the many ideas that were injected into the project from its conception to completion.

Seeing Luma as a living organism, always active and always connected to the world, the display aims to showcase the focus on the relationship between art, culture, human rights, environmental topics and education and the cross-pollination between diverse fields and disciplines that characterizes Luma’s thinking.

Luma Westbau


Limmatstrasse 270

8005 Zurich, Switzerland


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