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Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

The point of departure for It’s Urgent! is an exhibition model that I started (with Christian Boltanski and Betrand Lavier) in 1993 with do it. For this on-going, flexible and open-ended show, we invite artists to write instructions, scores and recipes that can then be interpreted by others each time they are presented. For example, poet Eileen Myles (who is also included in the new It’s Urgent! project) made a piece called How to Run for President of the United States. Her text is a reminder that even in these frightening times, democracy belongs to the people, and that art can be a means of reclaiming it.

Earlier this year, I invited 12 artists (Etel AdnanSophia Al-MariaTania BrugueraTony CokesOlafur EliassonHans HaackeLauren HalseyEileen MylesPrecious OkoyomonWolfgang TillmansRirkrit TiravanijaNora Turato) to realise posters and billboards, which were displayed on advertisement panels throughout Denmark during the spring election for the EU Parliament and the Danish parliament. The idea was to present an exhibition that reaches everyone by going beyond the museum and bringing artists’ ideas into society. This first iteration of It’s Urgent! was realised by the Kunsthalle Charlottenburg and the Heartland Festival.

The second iteration began this spring in Zurich at the Luma Westbau. In the spirit of ever-evolving exhibitions we invited an additional 45 artists from all over the world to respond to the theme of what is urgent in our time, including:
David Adjaye / Maxwell Alexandre / Mathis Altmann / Liz Johnson Artur / Kasper Bosmans /
Mark Bradford / Judy Chicago / Douglas Coupland / Aria Dean / Eugenio Dittborn /
Jimmie Durham / Formafantasma / Cao Fei / Fernando Garcia-Dory / Anna Bella Geiger /
Liam Gillick / Renée Green / Joseph Grigely / Newton Harrison / Luchita Hurtado /
Pierre Huyghe / Koo Jeong A / Josh Kline / Jakob Kudsk Steenson / Suzanne Lacy /
Friederike Mayröcker / Oscar Murillo / Lorraine O‘Grady / Yoko Ono / Trevor Paglen /
Raymond Pettibon / Vaclav Pozarek / Raqs Media Collective / Tabita Rezaire / Peter Saville / Stephen Shore / Marianna Simnett / Patrick Staff / Barbara Solomon Stauffacher /
Martine Syms / Günther Uecker / Madelon Vriesendorp / Jan Vorisek / Lawrence Weiner /
Stanley Whitney.

For the third iteration we invited an additional 22 artists:
Meriem Bennani / Antonio Caro / Theaster Gates / Fabien Giraud & Raphaël Siboni /
Beatriz González / Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster / Sky Hopinka / Joseph Kahlil / Amar Kanwar Maya Lin / Fernando Palma Rodríguez / Paul B. Preciado / Faith Ringgold / Rachel Rose / Anri SalaTomás Saraceno / Bruno Serralongue / John Waters / Ai Weiwei / Huang Yong Ping / Samson Young.

Many of these poster projects take the form of proposals that are practical and realisable, rather than imaginary utopias. Themes of ecology, inequality, togetherness and a common future are frequently addressed. In the words of Etel Adnan: ‘The world needs togetherness, not separation. Love, not suspicion. A common future, not isolation.’

The project will continue to evolve in Zurich until we reach 100 posters by the end of January 2020 and will then travel to Arles for the 2020 Luma Days. Entry will be free of charge and smaller print versions of the posters can be taken away for free by visitors and will be distributed throughout the city so that the exhibition can reach a public outside the Luma Westbau, manifesting itself in many unexpected places and contexts, and thus creating new forms of exchange and social space.

If there was ever a time when the world needed the radical ideas, visions and perspective on society of artists, it’s now – and it’s urgent.

Luma Westbau


Limmatstrasse 270

8005 Zurich



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