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The proper amount of snow can kill insects and keep crops warm. It can also provide water for crops without crushing them, so it is seen as a harbinger of a bumper year. There are Chinese folk sayings such as “auspicious snow heralds a good harvest” and ” If the wheat is covered with three layers of snow this winter, people will be able to use steamed buns as pillows next year”, which means that the proper amount of snow in winter is the omen of the next year’s harvest.

The year 2020 corresponds to “Geng Zi” in the traditional cyclical calendar. This special exhibition focuses on the ‘RUI XUE’ (Auspicious Snow) to welcome the new year, the Long Museum having selected 29 works on the theme of the snow, early spring and new year celebration.

Long Museum

3398 Longteng Avenue

Xuhui District, Shanghai



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