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Chuck Ramirez, Piñata Series: Gregory, 2002

Themes of whimsy and ephemerality connect the selected artworks on exhibit in INCITE. At first glance, they give an impression of light-hearted simplicity, as brightly colored depictions of confetti balls, pom poms and piñatas attract viewers and provoke a feeling of festivity. Yet, when looked at in depth, layers of more complex themes emerge alluding to the temporary nature of these ordinary objects. The element of chaos versus order lingers as well when the viewer encounters the interactions between honeybees in a multicolored hexagonal beehive in Diana Thater’s video installation, while complimenting the indiscriminate dance of the secondary Stories confetti. The artworks selected for this exhibition vary in process and medium and include installation art, video, collage, painting and photography.

The exhibition includes works from the Foundation’s collection by Chuck Ramirez, Hills Snyder, Frances Stark, Diana Thater and Cheyney Thompson.

Linda Pace Foundation Gallery ‘SPACE’
111 Camp Street, San Antonio, TX 78204.| U.S.A.


Chuck Ramirez, Piñata Series: Gregory, 2002. Photographic pigment ink print. © Estate of Chuck Ramirez. Linda Pace Foundation Collection.

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