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With Sean Scully, the Langen Foundation presents one of the most important abstract painters of his generation, whose works have been exhibited internationally for more than fifty years.

The exhibition Song of Colors shows more than  50 works by Sean Scully (*1945 in Dublin) from different creative phases and the selection of works is dedicated to the relationship between his artistic work and music. “I grew up in the world of music. I’m Irish, so my understanding of the world is largely shaped by its flowing, repetitive rhythms, which are mirrored in the unrelenting power and melancholy of Irish music.”

The spectrum of the works presented ranges from early works on paper from the late 1960s to his expansive paintings in which he constantly varies and expressively develops the recurring motif of gridding and the play with the power of color. “One stripe is one note, many are a chord, all are played by hand. The emotions should be conveyed through an image. A rhythm that is painted differently by hand with each work.” 

Scully has been sculpting his precise composition of colors and structures for several years. As an example, the Langen Foundation is showing three monumental sculptures in the outdoor area, in which the leitmotifs of his painting are reflected in the sculpture.

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