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LAM Museum: Museum Manager

The LAM Museum is looking for an energetic and flexible Museum Manager. An inspiring manager who will take our service level to the next level. You believe that every LAM visitor, regardless of age, knowledge or experience, deserves an unforgettable museum experience. Together with your team of Kijkcoaches you realize this. Together with the museum office staff, you’ll come up with new ideas to communicate the LAM concept even more strongly.

We are a museum with a mission

The LAM museum is a museum with a mission. With the largest food art collection in the world, a building with wow factor, a fairytale location on the Keukenhof Estate and an inspired and diverse team, we let visitors of all ages see things differently. Not to elevate art, but to inspire the visitor with new ideas.

The LAM is a playground for your eyes and head. The LAM is an entry-level museum, a place you can walk into as easily as a supermarket. A place where you may find art ugly, crazy or beautiful, and a place where you feel smart even if you know nothing about art. A place where you can chat and laugh and where you can talk to us about Messi, the Kardashians or your favorite food.

This is our Museum Manager

For this position, people skills are crucial. You are motivated to give our visitors an unforgettable LAM experience, from the moment they arrive until they leave. You have excellent communication skills, a passion for hospitality and feel comfortable in a team-oriented environment.

You bring out the best in the team of View Coaches. Under your guidance, the View Coaches use their communication skills optimally and it is always clear what needs to be done. Thanks to your encouragement, the coaches know exactly how to point out their viewing talents. The Guides give visitors the confidence that they have more than enough knowledge and skills to get a lot out of the art. You run the museum efficiently. You manage the team, motivate and jump in where necessary. A good, open atmosphere among visitors and colleagues is crucial.

You are neat and tidy and ensure that everything looks tiptop; the works of art, the rooms, the building and the outdoor area. You are a quick thinker, have two right hands and are always on. You see where things can be improved and know that for every unexpected problem there is a solution. In addition, you have a sense of safety. In an emergency, you keep a cool head and act according to the BHV and CHV guidelines. You are a real manager; you organize, inspire and control. You combine the big picture with the details, have an eye for the people, the art and the building.


What you can expect

  • You will lead the team of View Coaches. You stimulate and guide the coaches inside and outside the museum. You want them to develop to their full potential here at LAM.
  • You open and close the museum and liaise with security.
  • Is a team member unexpectedly absent? Then you arrange for a replacement or another solution.
  • You divide the roles and tasks per working day.
  • You are responsible for the assessment and performance interviews with the View Coaches.
  • You think about visitor flows and how they can be organized more efficiently. You share your insights and results with the director at set times.
  • During the day you make sure the digital log is filled with special visitor experiences or other things we can learn from.
  • You delegate but you also regularly roll up your sleeves; just what the whole thing needs.
  • You have a sense of safety; you know better than anyone that the BHV guidelines must be practiced very regularly. In an emergency, you keep a cool head and know what to do.
  • Together with the Collection Manager, you ensure that the art always looks its best. In consultation with the Head of Communications, you maintain contacts with partners in the region. Together with your colleague who is responsible for Activation and Development, you think about the coolest ideas to optimize the visitor experience.
  • You are responsible for facility management; you ensure that all necessary materials are available and the building is always in optimal condition: clean, working, tidy.
  • You know the building like no other; you are the first to notice defects or dirt. You prefer to solve things yourself, when necessary you pull the bell.
  • Outside of working hours, you are a true LAM ambassador, someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about the concept and invites friends and family to experience it for themselves.


Number of hours & days
You work 32-36 hours per week
Your working days in the museum are from Wednesday till Sunday.
You will also regularly work on days when the museum is closed to the public; on those days you will focus on personnel matters, maintenance of the collection, administration and catching up with colleagues in the office. You will also develop new ideas to communicate the LAM concept even more strongly.
The team of View Coaches generally works from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm, for school visits the working day often starts earlier.

Good to know
The appointment is for the period of 1 year with possibilities to extend. We follow the guidelines of the Museum CAO, your position falls within scale 6. The height within the scale depends on your experience.

Let us hear from you
Send us your CV in Dutch before September 27, 2021, including a short video in Dutch in which we get to know you and feel your enthusiasm for this position: info@lamlisse.nl, stating Vacature Museummanager. You can address your message to our colleague Anne.

LAM Museum
Keukenhof 14, Lisse

LAM endorses the Code of Cultural Diversity and strives to be a reflection of society. In case of equal suitability, preference will be given to the candidate who strengthens the diversity within our team.

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