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Living in a city, town, or village often entails being privy to its changes, more often than not, in rapid and unsettling ways. Presenting videos, installations, and archival materials, the exhibition Here We Live, sheds light on the ways in which communities adapt, through traditional and personal cultures, to a world changing, transforming, and shifting around them. Here We Live is a collaboration with the Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art in Chongqing, China. 

Artists: Halil Altindere, Jeamin Cha, Angelica Mesiti, Jerome Reyes, Norman Therkelson, and Yu Guo

The Feeling Sense 
An illustrated conversation with Leslie Shows and Ross Simonini
Wednesday, February 27, Bar 6pm, Event 7pm 

The “Feeling Sense” is the perceptual capacity of any living organism to encounter their environment. Often used in discussions of plant intelligence, the term can more broadly be applied to the field of art and has become central to the practices of artists Leslie Shows and Ross Simonini. In this presentation, they articulate and position the Feeling Sense—a cousin to intuition—as a useful tool in navigating a contemporary culture preoccupied with topicality, context, and logic.  

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