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Asli Çavusoglu brings to light the precarious and subjective nature of our shared stories, often assuming the role of interpreter, writer or facilitator. In residence at KADIST in the beginning of 2020, the artist has developed a project based on her previous research around the political history of colors.

In 2015, in her work Red/Red she worked on the red of the Armenian cochineal, an endangered insect native of the Ararat plain, and on the red of the Turkish flag, more saturated, thus formulating an analogy between the disappearance of the insect following the 20th century’s industrialization and the Armenian genocide. In 2018, with The Place of Stone, she carried out research on trade and circulation of blue through centuries and geographies – from Central Asia to Africa and Europe, with a particular focus on the lapis lazuli stone, mainly exported from Afghanistan since the 7th century BC.

For her residence at KADIST Paris, Asli Çavusoglu continued her research on the mercantile, political and symbolic history of colors, focusing on eco-initiatives such as urban farms, agricultural cooperatives and local farm associations. In the exhibition Pink as a Cabbage/ Green as an Onion / Blue as an Orange at KADIST she presents a chromatic archive of alternative agricultural practices in Turkey. The exhibition displays a series of fabrics dyed with fruits, vegetables and plants produced by sustainable and solidarity-based circuits.

Image: design by Maëlle Brientini


19bis/21 rue des Trois Frères,

75018 Paris, France


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