Ullens Center for Contemporary Art : Book Director


Your daily routine may be like this:

1. Organize the procurement of book products, be responsible for all aspects of book procurement, and continuously optimize the cost structure;

2. Establish relationships with book product suppliers, optimize resource channels, and maintain channel control;

3. Deploy and implement the new bookstore work in the bookstore to ensure that the books in the store are neat, the categories are rich, and the layout is reasonable;

4. Responsible for the daily sale and promotion of books, managing the sales and gross profit margins of book products, responsible for the results of book product operations, and achieving business objectives and operational indicators;

5. Independently complete the quality analysis of book products, select books that meet the company’s tonality according to market hotspots, and explore competitive book resources;

6. Maintain good relationships with suppliers and handle work including contract matters, routine visits, data sharing, product training, etc.

7. Organize and plan bookstore activities, and be responsible for the implementation of the event.


We hope that you:

1. Male or female, ages between 25 and 35;

2. Have a keen business sense, strong resilience, verbal expression and communication skills;

3. Can bear a lot of work pressure.


To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter in Chinese.


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