Rockbund Art Museum : Education Specialist

Job description:

– Participate in the research, development and programming of RAM education projects;

– Responsible for internal and external communication, administrative and logistical arrangements before the launch of the activity;

– Write, edit and proofread RAM education program content and publicity;

– Responsible for on-site organization, equipment and arrangements during the activity;

– Responsible for organizing visits and extensional education activities for schools and groups;

– Participate in the development and maintenance of partners, sponsors, collaborators related to the education platform;

– Assist in the organization of other research, operational, publicity and development activities.


Job requirements:

– Bachelor degree or above, no limit on majors. Art Education/Education/Art Management/Museum Bachelor degree or above/experiences in art galleries, public services, educational institutions, and community organizations are preferred.

– Passion for contemporary art and art museums with certain knowledge;

– Open minded, think pro-actively, keen to share and participate;

– Capable of researching, programming and executing activities;

– Good writing skills and verbal expression, communication skills;

– Familiar with office software, able to communicate in English in daily;

– Sense of responsibility and team spirit, able to support and cooperate with colleagues to complete tasks.


Please send your C.V. and cover letter in both CN and EN to the following email:

Please note in the subject of the mail “Name+Postion applied”


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