FRESCO Foundation : Research Fellow and Summer Internship Program

The Research Collective at FRESCO Collective is a 6-month program that emphasizes both individual academic development and collaborative effort in the social impact of art historical studies. The program encourages research fellows to join intensive meetings with the foundation’s academic committee and guest speakers, while introducing personal fields of interest into discussions around the larger theme.

Research outcomes will be presented as essays, articles, and archival entries, and further develop into lectures and public programs that effectively connect the scholarly community with the general audience.


The Research Collective welcomes applications from college students and recent graduates who have solid knowledge and research experience in relevant fields. Ideal candidates should demonstrate strong research skills, team spirit, and passion for public-oriented art programs.

Program modules

2 weeks: mapping the research project

3 weeks: identifying questions and needs

17 weeks: independent research and group meetings (with one week of break in the middle)

3 weeks: workshop presentations and a concluding symposium

The position is unpaid, but researchers will be paired with an academic committee composed of internationally-renowned scholars and arts professionals.

For the Street Art & Millennial Culture Program,

Ulrich Blanche (Art History, University of Heidelberg), Margarita Kataga (independent curator and cultural advisor), Teresa Lousa (Aesthetics, University of Lisbon), Lachlan MacDowell (Art History, University of Melbourne), Agata Sequeira (Sociology, New University of Lisbon), Andy Zieleniec (Social Science and Public Policy, University of Keele)

For the Time-Based Media Art Program,

Abe Abraham (Abanar Dance), David Jones (Dave Jones Design), Patricia Falcao (Tate Modern), Stéphanie Jeanjean (The Cooper Union and Sotheby’s Institute of Art), Christine Frohnert (Conservation Center, NYU), Alexandre Michaan (L’Atelier SONAR), Rebecca Rush eld (conservator and private consultant), Francisca Sousa (Francisca Sousa Conservation)

For current undergraduate students, internship positions of Archive Researcher, Event Programmer, and Grant Writer are also available at the Summer Internship Program 2019.

Archive Researcher

The position will be part of a collaborative archive that aims to build up comprehensive accounts for the currently understudied fields in contemporary art, with a focus on Artists and Art Terms in both Street Art and Time-Based Media Art. Responsibilities include to conduct research on artists, write biographies, and interview artists or associated art professionals for each entry; Study major journal articles and blog on the research topic and propose essential terms; Maintain close contact with partnering organizations to obtain information and keep entries updated; and Work with the programming team and develop public programs based on the archive.

Event Programmer

The position will work with the research and development team to plan and organize the Summer Festival and other public programs related to FRESCO’s ongoing research themes. Responsibilities include to propose ideas for events and programs that engage the public with the arts community; Work with the team in planning, coordinating, and implementing the summer programs; Interact with the public and the artists, curators, and donors involved in the program; and Craft the post-event publicity and track guest and press responses.

Grant Writer

The position will join the development team to work on public fundings and institutional relationship. Responsibilities include to research and prepare grant proposals, supporting documents, and follow-up reports to the funding entities; Maintain and implement funding calendar activities; and Develop membership programs and benefit auctions and serve as a liaison to members.

About FRESCO Collective Centered around research projects that examine the currently understudied fields in art, FRESCO Collective develops ongoing programs and special events to engage the community of artists and researchers with the general public. FRESCO Collective is affiliated with FRESCO Foundation, a New York-based non-profit organization devoted to empowering and connecting art to everyone. The Foundation supports innovative artistic endeavors in various forms, with focuses on socially engaged art and the intersection of art and technology.

To apply for the June- December 2019 edition of Research Collective, please submit your resume, cover letter, and writing sample (10-15 pages) by May 21, 2019


For Summer Internship Program 2019, please submit your resume and cover letter before May 20, 2019

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