The J. Paul Getty Trust: Imaging Technician

Job Summary

Performs digital imaging services of collection materials for research, archival, exhibition, publication and online access, including photography and post production. Supports digitization initiatives, executes production-level digital capture using a variety of hardware, software and methodologies. Performs post-processing of image files to specifications, organizes completed files in appropriate directories. Stays current regarding emerging trends, equipment, and standards.

Major Job Responsibilities

  • Applies knowledge of digital capture to document collection objects
  • May perform post-processing tasks of moderate complexity including, file preparation, color correction, masking, layering and cropping
  • Arranges layout of materials, lighting, and camera equipment to produce high-quality images
  • Prepares and organizes digital files for ingest into digital repositories or delivery to other destinations utilizing file naming and tracking protocols
  • Performs physical assessments, movement tracking, and management of collection materials within studio spaces
  • Keep accurate technical and workflow documentation


    • Bachelor’s degree in photography and/or equivalent experience
    • 2-5 years experience in digital photography services

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Intermediate knowledge of digital capture, digital media and image manipulation software
  • Intermediate knowledge of camera equipment, medium and large format cameras and Phase One digital backs
  • Intermediate knowledge of lighting equipment and light-modifying techniques
  • Highly collaborative and productive in a team and independent workflow environment
  • Ability to articulate ideas, ie clearly communicates creative concepts and technical processes
  • Intermediate knowledge of color theory and digital imaging practice, standards and workflows
  • Ability to problem-solve and adapt creatively to produce best possible images
  • Ability to handle art objects and fragile materials


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