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Education Fellowships

Education Fellowships at Dia Art Foundation provide a unique opportunity for ambitious young people (ages 18–25) to be the authors and protagonists of their own creative, intellectual, and professional trajectories.

Dia Education Fellows are supported in developing a creative praxis and/or seeking out resources in support of the realization of original ideas and projects, as well as engaging critically with the world through research and reflection. The fellowship also provides exposure to a range of professionals across the creative industries, working artists, and nonprofit arts organizations.

Between October and May, the fellowship meets weekly on Tuesdays from 4 to 6 pm for seminars at Dia:Chelsea and sites of cultural production across New York City.

Over the course of the program, Education Fellows will:

  • Connect and engage in dialogues with Dia staff, working artists, and a range of professionals across the creative industries and nonprofit organizations
  • Create a peer-driven, practice-based learning community that is responsive and accountable to the intersecting interests, identities, and needs of individuals in the cohort
  • Design and implement original projects or programming based on individual interests and have the opportunity present original work
  • Consider the role of creative practitioner, as well as how individual ideas and innovations contribute to a larger community dialogue
  • Actively contribute to the foundational architecture and focus of Dia’s work with young people

Selection Criteria:

The Dia Education Fellowship program invites applications from young people ages 18–25, who are self-determinative in their work and eager to be supported with the time, space, and resources to develop original projects. Candidates who are interested in pursuing a creative career in the arts and who have limited access to research or internship positions at museums due to financial barriers; who have life experiences or academic trajectories that may not align with selection criteria emphasizing advanced study or specialized fields of research; and whose identities have not been traditionally represented in museum leadership will be prioritized in the selection process. Young people are encouraged to apply regardless of enrollment status.

The selection process is open and competitive; application materials are assessed on the thoughtfulness and quality of work submitted as well as demonstrated potential to thrive in a peer community where individuals are invited to design their own framework for learning.

Application Requirements:

Please include the following materials as a digital application:

Contact information and date of birth

A letter of interest (2 pages or less) that concisely addresses:

Questions or ideas related to your individual practice/research that you would like to explore through this fellowship opportunity

  • How these questions and interests are related to and could be advanced through access to Dia, its staff, and the thinking, practices, and processes of contemporary artists
  • What excites you as a thinker and a learner, and what you hope to gain and contribute within a peer cohort
  • Your ideal learning environment and/or what kind of support best gives you the time and space to develop your ideas and creative projects

Additionally, applicants are invited to submit documentation of up to three recent projects that demonstrate the candidate’s learning style and potential to thrive in Dia’s Education Fellowship program. Please consider supplemental materials carefully; application materials are assessed on the quality and depth of thinking and initiative rather than on quantity. If supplemental application materials are provided, include a brief summary of these items and why/how they should be considered within the letter of interest.

For consideration, submit all materials by e-mail as a single attachment to chelseaprogram@diaart.org with “Education Fellowship” as the subject heading.

Fellows must commit to weekly seminars (Tuesdays, 4–6 pm) from October 2019 to May 2020. Weekly seminars take place at Dia:Chelsea, located at 535 West 22nd Street in New York City, with occasional off-site travel.

Education Fellows are provided with a nominal stipend and are invited to attend special events and performances free of charge, gain a Dia membership, and receive Dia publications. All travel costs within program hours are provided by Dia; financial assistance for public transportation to and from program sessions is provided upon request.

For more details about the Dia Education Fellowship program, please review the Education Fellows Info Packet


Application deadline: October 20, 2019



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