The Menil Collection : Gallery Attendant

Pay type: Non-exempt (eligible for overtime pay), Hourly, Full-time

Reports to: Gallery Attendant Supervisors

Specific Duties

1. Guard the Museum buildings and works of art against, theft, vandalism, or accidental damage.

2. Monitor public activities occurring with Museum galleries and buildings as well as other public areas.

3. Answer general questions from visitors such as location of galleries, activities, events, and restrooms.

4. Enforce Museum rules and follow established procedures. Report any conditions or behaviors that violate these rules.

5. Communicate effectively, when appropriate, with both children and adults courteously and professionally.

6. Notify Gallery Attendant Supervisor(s) of any incident that may warrant attention.

7. Track visitor counts.

8. Perform coat and property check functions, if necessary.

9. Provide security for special events.

10. Provide security for contractors working in the Museum buildings, special visitors, and tours.

11. Report to the gallery attendant supervisor any damage to the building or works of art, leaks, breaches of security, and/or other maintenance issues.


Qualifications and requirements

1. Able to maintain a regular work schedule of Wednesday – Sunday, 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

2. Able to work standing and walking, and lift at least 30 lbs. (able to lift a fire extinguisher).

3. Good verbal communication skills in order to speak to guests and be understood.

4. Must be tactful and polite when dealing with the public and must be assertive, if necessary.

5. Writing skills necessary to make written reports.

6. Must be observant and able to detect and report unusual behavior or circumstances.

7. Must be presentable at all times through proper grooming and personal hygiene.

8. If hired, must be able to obtain a state-issued non-commissioned security officer license.


Education and experience

1. High school graduate.

2. Previous experience in security is helpful, but not required.

3. Previous customer service experience desired.


To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume.

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