Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, F. S. P.: Grants for Biblioteca Lázaro Galdiano 2019-2020

One of the fundamental missions of the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, F. S. P., is to put at the service of society the important collections that José Lázaro Galdiano bequeathed to the State. In order to achieve this objective, it is necessary to continuously improve its information, documentation and archive systems, trying to improve the quality of the service that this cultural Institution provides according to its Statutes.

Likewise, the Foundation wishes to provide the greatest possible number of specialists in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences with the opportunity to collaborate in the research, cataloguing and dissemination of the museum and bibliographic collections that the Foundation is currently carrying out, activities that may result in their professional improvement.

To this end, the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation, F. S. P., announces two scholarships for the LIBRARY and ARCHIVE, one of them in memory of the benefactor “Daniel Marino Forillière”.

Requirements for applicants
– To have graduated or to be in possession of a diploma, or equivalent, before May of 2015 in some area of the Humanities and Social Sciences.
– Not having been the beneficiary of a scholarship from the Lázaro Galdiano, F. S. P. Foundation in a previous competition.
– Merits of applicants

The following merits will be valued:

– The academic record (up to a maximum of 3 points).
– Experience in cataloguing and classifying bibliographic and documentary collections (up to a maximum of 2 points).
– Research experience (up to a maximum of 1.50 points).
– Have been the beneficiary of other grants or have obtained prizes related to the activity in libraries and documentation centres (up to a maximum of 1.50 points).
– Knowledge of the Lázaro Galdiano, F. S. P. Foundation’s bibliographic collections (up to a maximum of 1 point).
– Fluent in English or fluent in any other European Union language (up to a maximum of 1 point).

Tasks to be carried out by the scholarship holders
Under the supervision of the head of the Library, it will collaborate in the following tasks:

– Cataloguing and classification of bibliographic and documentary collections.
– Preparation of exhibitions and research projects.
– Any other activity related to the functions of the Library, the Archive and the Department of Prints and Drawings that is entrusted to them by the tutor or by the Management of the Foundation.

Total financial endowment of each grant
8,400 euros (gross).

Application Deadline
Until 12 noon on 6 September 2019.

To apply and find out more information, visit:

*Please note, website is in Spanish

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