Garage Museum of Contemporary Art : Souvenir Designer


Development of souvenirs of the Museum;
Creation of product visualizations;
Creating layouts for production;
Writing those. assignments / communication with contractors.



Knowledge of the Adobe package (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign);
Understanding the production process of a new product;
Understanding trends in design and visual culture in general;
The ability to work in multitasking, compliance with deadlines.



Official employment;
Probationary period – 3 months;
Schedule 5/2;
A cozy office in the Gorky Park and free access to exhibitions and events of the “Garage”


Design your GARAGE MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART A5 format notebook for sale at the Museum Bookstore.
Accompany your layout in .EPS format with technical specifications for production.
Attach a notepad visualization on a white background in the form of a JPEG file of 1500 × 1500 px.

Send your resume and portfolio to in Russian.


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