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Index’s next exhibition is THE MIGHT THEY HAVE, a solo presentation of works by Hanni Kamaly, bringing together new and existing sculptures with a multi-channel installation of a newly developed film work.

Hanni Kamaly (b. 1988, Hammar, NO) is an artist based in Stockholm. Her practice includes sculpture, film and performance. In various ways, her works trace and make visible the effects of racism and colonialism in our own time, often portraying how individuals have been deprived of their voice, humanity and space for action. At the center of Kamaly’s investigations is the human body, both as the home of the subject and the projection surface for cultural norms and power structures. In her film works and through performance, Kamaly draws attention to enduring lineages of power and oppression transfer into our contemporary public spaces, through referents in the architecture, art histories, media and pop culture which surround us.

In parallel to the exhibition, Hanni Kamaly develops a series of performative guided walks through Stockholm. These walks will take place 2, 16, 30 May 2021, produced by Kamaly and Index in collaboration with Stockholms Kvinnohistoriska (Stockholm Museum of Women’s History) through their initiative Utom Husen. Kamaly is one of three artists participating in Utom Husen. Find out more about the project here.

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