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This year, Index’ annual festival takes place 17–19 September, bringing together a program of talks, workshops, and events reflecting around the topic of distribution. Leaking Container tracks how distribution leaks into artistic practices, rooted in Index’ 40-year history, both as a distributed container in the form of an art magazine and as a physical exhibition space with a conceptual focus.

Leaking Container stacks layers of leaking data, circulated films, and paused distribution flows with newly created works and situations. With conversations in several directions, the festival invites connections between artistic infrastructures and models for the movement of information. The three-day program centers around leaking trails of distributed images, words, and practices.

Throughout the festival, Index presents talks, events, performances, as well as newly produced works by artist Lisa Trogen Devgun who creates an installation in Index’ space, coyote stage an intervention extending out in the city, and The Parrot relay broadcasts live on air from the festival.

Hosting different formats, Index itself becomes a container, activating archives and material to think with, to relay, relate, communicate, to map models of distribution. The program is available online now at our website

Each of the three days has two sessions, 14:00-17:00 and 17:00-21:00. To join, it is necessary to RSVP by emailing rsvp@indexfoundation.se and stating which day(s) and which session(s) you would like to join. To ensure that we can maintain distancing there are a limited number of spaces each session.


The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

Kungsbrostrand 19

11226 Stockholm


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