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Museum Barberini: “Monet: Places”

For his landscape paintings, Claude Monet revisited the same places over and over again and completed extensive series of works from a single location. During his travels he created numerous paintings at the coast of Normandy, in Zaandam in the Netherlands or in...

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di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art: Jim Drain “Membrane”

Jim Drain’s long-term installation Membrane marks one of two inaugural projects in di Rosa’s Conversation Pieces series and the artist’s first solo commission in Northern California. Drain was a member of Forcefield, a seminal Providence, Rhode Island-based collective...

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The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: “Countryside, The Future”

Countryside, The Future, is an exhibition addressing urgent environmental, political, and socioeconomic issues through the lens of architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal Director of AMO, the think tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). A...

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Fundación MAPFRE: Richard Learoyd

Richard Learoyd (Nelson, United Kingdom, 1966) is one of the most well-known contemporary photographers working today. His work, a dialogue with both painting and early photography, plants its roots firmly in the past in terms of subject matter and technique. The...

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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Olafur Eliasson “In real life”

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents Olafur Eliasson: In real life, a survey of the career of Olafur Eliasson (1967), one of today’s most prominent artists. Through around 30 works created between 1990 and 2020—including sculptures, photographs, paintings, and...

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Frye Art Museum: Agnieszka Polska “Love Bite”

Agnieszka Polska creates hallucinatory computer-generated media works that operate at the intersection of language, history, and scientific theory to illuminate issues of individual and social responsibility. Combining original poetic texts with digitally manipulated...

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