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Museum Beelden aan Zee: Jaume Plensa

Jaume Plensa, (Barcelona, 1955) is a world-renowned sculptor best known for his constructions in the public space resembling the heads of women that are multiple meters tall. With their eyes closed, they have an almost meditative expression. Plensa's much-acclaimed...

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Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain : “Trees”

  Bringing together a community of artists, botanists, and philosophers, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain echoes the latest scientific research that sheds new light on trees. Organized around several large ensembles of works, the...

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Museo Amparo : Melanie Smith “Farsa y artificio”

‘Comedy depends on a rupture with the rational order, it dislocates perspectives and juxtaposes separate actions as if they belong to one another. The sensation disorients, creates patterns of random mosaics and disturbing layers. Nonsense has a power to deconstruct.’...

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The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation : “The Watchers”

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation is pleased to present The Watchers, an exhibition that focuses on the multi-faced nature of surveillance and privacy in contemporary society, and the subsequent production and obscuration of information and news. Artists in...

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Rockbund Art Museum and Para Site : “An Opera for Animals”

Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai and Para Site, Hong Kong are pleased to announce the opening of "An Opera for Animals" on June 22, 2019 at Rockbund Art Museum Shanghai. The exhibition runs through to 25 August 2019 and features 53 artists who challenge existing...

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Transformer Station : “I Sing the Body”

I Sing the Body is a group photography show that is a response to the glorious variety of skin and body types that surround us. Works were chosen from the Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell Collection as well as a number of key loans from museums, galleries and exhibiting...

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Kunstforeningen GL STRAND : Richard Mosse “Incoming”

In the cross field between documentary and art, Richard Mosse challenges our perspective on conflict and disaster in the world's hotspots. In his latest video installation Incoming, the prize-winning artist, who aroused public attention with The Enclave, focuses on...

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The Mosaic Rooms : Meriem Bennani and Fatima Mazmouz “Raw Queens”

RAW QUEENS presents artists Fatima Mazmouz and Meriem Bennani in this exhibition that seeks to challenge cultural and political perceptions of women in the Arab world, specifically in Morocco. The exhibition is a collaboration between The Mosaic Rooms and Kulte Center...

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Fundación Malba : Leandro Erlich “Liminal”

More than any artist working today, Leandro Erlich (1973, Buenos Aires) has created a body of sculpture and large installations over the past two decades in which the architectural appearance of the everyday functions as a type of perceptual trap, leading he...

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