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It is a given that young artists are influenced by colleagues or predecessors. Eja Siepman van den Berg has said that she feels most at home and finds most recognition with the work of Brancusi, Lehmbruck, Maillol, Kolbe, Charlotte van Pallandt, George Minne and Charles Despiau. An exhibition with a full art-historical consideration of these artists is a bridge too far. We had to make choices. Choices that have been partly influenced by the fact that we have been able to acquire work by three of these artists – work that will find a permanent place within our exhibition on Eja Siepman van den Berg in Villa Hinkeloord.

It is almost impossible to purchase works by Brancusi, Lehmbruck or Maillol: they are rarely put up for sale. In addition, Het Depot’s aim of supporting contemporary artists is very different from collecting work by deceased sculptors. We are not art collectors, even though the Het Depot collection currently consists of over 500 pieces. We ended up choosing Grote Tors (1930) by Charlotte van Pallandt, Bacchus or Dionysus (ca. 1937) by Charles Despiau and Geknielde Jongeling (‘Kneeling Youngster’, 1925) by George Minne. Sculptors from the interbellum from France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Sculptors and sculptures that influenced many artists, including Eja Siepman van den Berg. Come to Het Depot and look at the sculptures, objects, paintings and photos – more than 60 are included in this exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Het Depot  Beeldengalerij, Villa Hinkeloord,  Arboretumlaan 4, 6703 BD Wageningen | the Netherlands


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