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Monique Sleegers

Monique Sleegers’ sculptures are made up of two parts in different dimensions. A three-dimensional component made of ceramic and a two-dimensional component in the form of a drawing. In her work, Sleegers depicts the conflict between body and spirit and between the concrete and the virtual.
Through minor changes, she presents different depictions of the tension between the body and spirit, between the concrete and the illusory, always in the same way.

After her spatial design and teacher degrees at the Utrecht art academy, Monique Sleegers (1963) continued her arts education with a degree in Art History at Utrecht University. She combines her knowledge of art theory and her love for visual arts in workshops, projects and classes for young people and adults.
A dichotomy between body and mind is the central theme in Sleegers’ work. Characteristic for her work is showing this duality in a combination of spatial body shapes and two-dimensional ‘shadows’. The spatial sculpture represents everything that is tangible; the two-dimensional work represents a memory, or that what has been.
Sleegers models her sculptures and works mostly with ceramics and wood.

Het Depot |  Arboretumlaan 4 ( Villa Hinkeloord )
6703 BD  Wageningen  | the Netherlands



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