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Frida Orupabo, Mother and Child, 2020.


Visit Corpus this summer at Henie Onstad. A new exhibition presenting the most recent acquisitions to the Henie Onstad Collection.


In 2017, Henie Onstad established a photography program, resulting in the acquisition of new works of photography and media art to the collection. The artists exhibited here span several generations and are all important and innovative in the field of camera-based art. Several works have been acquired with funds received from The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others are generous gifts.

A prominent motif and theme in the exhibition is the human body. The body appears fragmented, vulnerable, and fragile in many of the works. This is apparent in Fin Serck-Hanssen’s large portrait series Theme AIDS (1993). In other works, the body is flexible, strong, or idealized, as in Cathrine Opie’s portrait Idexa (2012) and Carmen Winant’s textile photographic collage of female pleasure. Mikkel McAlinden and Linn Pedersen thematize perceptions of nature and the search for human forms in our surroundings.

Several of the artists have previously been exhibited in The Henie Onstad Triennial for Photography and New Media, New Visions, in 2020. A new edition of New Visions is set to open in 2023.

Morten Andenæs, Ingrid Eggen, Espen Gleditsch, Mikkel McAlinden, Cathrine Opie, Frida Orupabo, Linn Pedersen, Torbjørn Rødland, Fin Serck-Hanssen, and Carmen Winant.

Susanne Østby Sæther

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter



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