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Hasselblad Foundation: Photo Book Grants 2021


The purpose of these grants is to support and contribute to the development of the photo book in the Nordic countries which is a vital part of photographic practice and research.

The Hasselblad Foundation awards three photo book grants:

Three Grants are awarded:
1. SEK 50 000
2. SEK 30 000
3. SEK 20 000


The grants will be awarded to book projects whose initiator(s) is/are based and work in one of the Nordic countries. The grants can be applied for by photographers, artists and curators and will only be awarded to not yet published projects.

Furthermore the following will be given priority:

  • collaborations with researchers or research institutions
  • photo historical publications
  • innovative concept and design



Book projects that are granted support should mention the Hasselblad Foundation as contributor to the book and include the Foundation’s logo at a suitable place in the publication.

The Hasselblad Foundation should receive 5 signed copies of the published book.

The applicants should be prepared to participate in potential activities arranged by the Foundation in relation to the grants, such as an award ceremony or similar events.

Written reports with image material should be submitted regularly during the project upon agreement with the Hasselblad Foundation.



The Hasselblad Foundation should receive the application no later than 1 March 2021. The application form can be filled out in English or Swedish.

No digital applications.

The grant process will be finalized by April 1, 2021 and all applicants will be notified shortly thereafter.

The application shall be posted via regular mail only.

Form Photo Book Grants 2021



Hasselblad Foundation
Att: Photo Book Grant
Ekmansgatan 8
412 56 Göteborg

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