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Angelo de Souza

Angelo de Souza

As a first presentation in France of the work of Angelo de Sousa, this exhibition will be an opportunity to discover one of the most important contemporary artistic achievements in Portugal, both because of the diversity of practices (painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, film, video, installations) and the impressive production in all these areas. Therefore, the reduced work approach that is given here to see,  favors painting, photography and video. Since his first one-man show in 1959, in Porto, Angelo de Sousa has never explore techniques, materials, forms and media, not limited himself to a practice and was constrained by any particular difficulty plastically. One of the basic features of his work is the serial production, with its scale variants, its forms, its color shifts and transpositions of plastic elements games between the materials and techniques. As he has said, he wanted to make “the maximum effect with a minimum of means. Or the maximum efficiency with the minimum of effort. Or: maximum presence with the minimum of screams. “Important and more or less retrospectives, exhibitions have him having been devoted to the Portugal that allowed a glimpse of the magnitude of his achievements – but there is still much to discover-, the perspective adopted here is to show the simultaneity of practices and their issues.

Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian – Délégation en France
39, bd de La Tour-Maubourg
75007 Paris, France


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