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Fundraising for the arts in the middle of a pandemic.

At this critical time, we are fully aware of how difficult it is for many of our members to fundraise for their programmes as well as capital projects. In discussing this topic, we have asked Charlotte Appleyard to give valuable insight into her experience and knowledge of fundraising during this period.

Charlotte has spent 10 years as Director of Development & Business Innovation at the Royal Academy of Arts (RA). In that time, she has overseen two capital campaigns and has developed the RA Friends programme to include 100,000 members. The RA is 252 years old and receives no government funding so it largely relies on membership, philanthropy, and corporate partnerships to supplement 50% of its income. Whilst the RA is closed they are losing £1 million a month. Charlotte feels that making a case for the arts now is critical to the survival of the RA.


Watch or listen to Charlotte here:

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