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The ordinary becomes unordinary when artists intervene. They see, discern, and discover something special in the ordinary, and create from and with everyday movements and sounds. They make the seemingly banal acts of walking, staying, and breathing into elements of artworks. In a new, different context, the banality is lost. Sora Kim and Kan Xuan, are two extraordinarily singular, somehow “strange,” female figures of the art scene in Korea and China. Their works, largely distinct in form but echoing each in their ways to probe fundamental questions of the relationship between the artist as a quiet but pungent witness to how the turbulent world reality has impacted and modified the human body and behaviour, are invited into a curatorial dialogue among the two artists, two curators and the museum team. This dialogue will generate a softly but firmly intertwined and interacting choreography that turns the museum into a discreet but open platform for carefully planned but essentially unpredictable performances mobilizing both human bodies and digital machines. That outcome of the performances is surely unsure. But once stepped into the space, we, the public, will learn how to walk strangely, stay strangely and think strangely, in order to become singular persons, face a world in which everyone is being flattened into “one,” instead of “every.”

Now the question for us is: where to go next? Can we live normally in the normal world? Or the world is a surreal world anyway?

Walking Strangely, Staying Strangely, can we reach the destination when the destination is nowhere to find?

Co-curated by Hou Hanru,Kim Sunjung
Associate Curator: Tan Yue

Guangdong Times Museum
Times Rose Garden III
Huang Bian Bei Road, Bai Yun Avenue North
510095 Guangzhou | China


Sora Kim, Three Foot Walking, 2013. Performance, courtesy of Kunsthal Charlottenborg


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