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Maiken Bent, Trolley #14, 2017. Sorø Kunstmuseum. Press photograph.

Maiken Bent, Trolley #14, 2017. Sorø Kunstmuseum. Press photograph.

With multi-coloured fragments of stitched leather, painted silk, prints on wallpaper, bundles of glinting chains and contorted ropes, the artist Maiken Bent takes over Gl. Holtegaard in a radical mise-en-scène that transforms the historical interiors of the exhibition space.

To complete the three-year exhibition trilogy BAROQUE+Contemporary Art, the artist Maiken Bent has moved into Gl. Holtegaard, where she has taken the court architect Lauritz de Thurah’s furnishing of the country home he built in the mid-1700s as her point of departure.

Maiken Bent reinstates the central axis of the building, allowing light to pour through its windows so the symmetry of the baroque garden once again interacts with the architecture. As a tribute to Lauritz de Thurah, she intensifies and dramatizes the baroque spirit and architecture of the space with individual works of art that turn the house into a total installation.

The word LØSØRE—the title of the exhibition—means chattel, a legal term for movable property. In the title, these moveable objects and possessions refer to the art exhibited in a gallery and the furniture, tableware, etc. in a home.

The exhibition is a seductive, aesthetic patchwork of objects and implements made of glinting buckles and chains, cudgels, harnesses, ropes, balls, straps and strips, colorful stitched leather, transparent textiles, and patterned wallpaper and rugs. Sculptural objects are lashed to the walls, placed on the floor, and hung from the ceiling like fetishized objects steeped in decadence. Maiken Bent makes the entire building a stage to explore the relationship between object, space and the body.


Gl. Holtegaard
Attemosevej 170
Gl Holte
DK-2840 Holte | Denmark


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