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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: Internship

Trainees will:

Participate in events
Decipher interviews, lectures and conversations with famous artists and curators in Russian and English
Collect information under the guidance of Museum staff
Helping in the office with current tasks
Collect data to study the audience of the Museum
Catalog publications in the library and much more

Requirements for candidates:

Love of contemporary art
Good communication skills, teamwork
Knowledge of English at a level not lower than Intermediate
Meeting deadlines

Internship conditions

Recruitment is carried out throughout the year
Minimum Duration – One Month
Personal presence required
Schedule is discussed with each trainee individually.

Internship Benefits

Free admission to exhibitions and educational events at the Garage Museum
Excursions and trainings for trainees
Lectures on departments and departments of the Museum
Opportunity to get a map of the Sputnik museum volunteer: with it you can visit exhibitions in the partner museums of the program for free
Internship can be counted as a university practice

How to become an intern

send resume and cover letter to e-mail interns@garagemca.org
successfully pass an interview

*Please be sure to write your application in Russian.



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